Recycle, Renew, Repurpose

When I started this blog a few years back, I initially wanted to keep it solely about football – hence the name, “Huddle & Heels.” But with the amount of sports related sites out there, and sports related sites geared to female fans and written by female fans and experts, the last thing we need is another sports blog. While I consider myself extremely knowledgeable (both my male and female friends will back me up – without pay!), I really only wanted to write about the Chicago Bears. I could talk about the Bears all day long, but there are plenty of Bears sites out there, too. Although we each have our own perspective, I’m happy enough to be a small cog writer on someone else’s sports blog than run one of my own.

I didn’t want to lose the domain because I happen to think it is cool – if I do say so myself – and it’s a unique name. So here’s my thought: Huddle & Heels still applies because I am most definitely a woman, and I like to discuss and write about women things as well as football. I like to go where my passions are and not be boxed in to one thing. Therefore, Huddle & Heels will remain the title, but you will be seeing much more of the heels bit in my writing. I used to be on a business track, but life happened. Here I am now – wherever that may be.

I have interests that are many and varied, so this blog can go anywhere I want it to go. There will likely be a few different categories found on this site, so I reckon there will be something for everyone! With that spirit in mind, I look forward to interacting with you, dear readers., so step up and don’t be shy. Let those thoughts and opinions fly!

Your Feedback is Welcome Here

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