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When I started this blog a few years back, I initially wanted to keep it solely about football – hence the name, “Huddle & Heels.” But with the amount of sports related sites out there, and sports related sites geared to female fans and written by female fans and experts, the last thing we need is another sports blog. While I consider myself extremely knowledgeable (both my male and female friends will back me up – without pay!), I really only wanted to write about the Chicago Bears. I could talk about the Bears all day long, but there are plenty of Bears sites out there, too. Although we each have our own perspective, I’m happy enough to be a small cog writer on someone else’s sports blog than run one of my own.

I didn’t want to lose the domain because I happen to think it is cool – if I do say so myself – and it’s a unique name. So here’s my thought: Huddle & Heels still applies because I am most definitely a woman, and I like to discuss and write about women things as well as football. I like to go where my passions are and not be boxed in to one thing. Therefore, Huddle & Heels will remain the title, but you will be seeing much more of the heels bit in my writing. I used to be on a business track, but life happened. Here I am now – wherever that may be.

I have interests that are many and varied, so this blog can go anywhere I want it to go. There will likely be a few different categories found on this site, so I reckon there will be something for everyone! With that spirit in mind, I look forward to interacting with you, dear readers., so step up and don’t be shy. Let those thoughts and opinions fly!

When “Fans” Cross the Line

I cannot believe I am writing an article like this. I’m so angry right now, I can scarcely form the words and sentences necessary to say what needs to be said. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Chicago Bears and the fiasco at Lambeau Field, but Sunday’s team foibles and the disaster that is the 2014 Bears season are unfortunately the catalyst behind the actions of a few Twitter-based “fans,” and I am using the word generously.

The Trestman girls are not my children, and I am not related to the family in any way, but the vitriol being spewed at them, as well as the threats against their safety, has awakened my Mama Bear instinct to protect the Bear Cubs at all costs. I’m a Mom. It’s what I do.

I’m sure Chloe and Sarah Trestman do not need me to protect, defend, or fight their battles for them, but as a Bears fan, I cannot sit idly by and say nothing because doing so equals condoning the reprehensible actions of a few extremists who make the rest of Bears Nation fandom look bad. I do not approve of such behavior, and neither does anyone else with an ounce of integrity.

You people sending such hate-filled, threatening tweets should be ashamed of yourselves! That is not how Bears fans act. That is not how decent human beings act. I love the Bears as much as anyone, and while massacres like what happened at Lambeau are neither fun nor acceptable to any fan of any team, attacking Trestman’s family is taking things way too far. You crossed a line here that has absolutely no business being crossed.

In sending tweets of that nature, you stopped being fans, bulldozed past being fanatics, and went straight to becoming zealots. Zealots are dangerous people who take things to extreme lengths to make or prove a point, and those actions usually involve bodily harm. Sometimes they are lethal.

Has past history taught you people nothing? Have current world events completely escaped your notice? Zealots are deplorable.

Zeal for the team is fine. It’s fire and passion, and indulging in our football passion is why we are all here in the first place, but sending out threats to the children of the head coach is beyond unacceptable. It’s criminal. Isn’t there enough criminal behavior associated with the NFL already? The real supporters of every team, and the NFL in a general sense, find these types of actions utterly intolerable. Your tweets are reprehensible.

Emotions are running high with Bears supporters right now, but take a step back for a moment. Take a breath. Resorting to violence, or terrorizing anyone solves nothing. Find a better outlet for your aggression and hostility, like perhaps anger management. Psychotherapy wouldn’t be out of the question either, all things considered.

I live for football. It’s a huge part of me. Faith, family, & football, in that order, are my three main passions. The Bears are my team. I took this loss personally just like you, but unlike those whose actions warranted this rant, at the end of the day, I know it is just a game. Unless you are playing for the Bears, or working for the Bears organization in some capacity, it is highly unlikely you get more out of it than bragging rights after a win – be it regular season, post season, or a championship. You’re not getting a paycheck. This is not your livelihood. If anything, it costs you money for game tickets, memorabilia, and clothing to announce your allegiance to the world.

In the end, it is just a game. Say it with me. Rinse and repeat.

It is just a game.

The Trestman girls are not their father. They are not responsible for anything he does as a coach, whether it’s good or bad. In other words, they are off-limits for your verbal tirades and threatening messages. If any of you guilty people had the integrity of a gnat, you’d realize this.

Take a chill pill, get a grip on reality, or whatever. You have football angst and need an outlet? Go ferociously attack your junk mail and rip it to shreds. Scream at the top of your lungs. Soak your jersey in water and pitch it at the shower walls with all your might until your arm hurts. You obviously like to write, so journal your thoughts. There are innumerable positive coping methods available to deal with your stress. Just don’t take it out on anyone!

I am a Bears fan, win, lose, or tie, and this has been my public service announcement.

End rant.

©2014 Huddle and Heels – Robin Carneke-Green

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